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Thursday, 27 April 2017

AtoZ2017 - W is for Werewolf & Wayne & Wanda #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to Day 23 of the AtoZChallenge and the letter W. Every day in April (except Sundays) I will be making a post about shapeshifters of all kinds. Check back to see my choices and, from time to time some flash fiction too.

W is for 


Werewolves are in folklore. fiction and some people believe they are werewolves in read life as well. For being people who turn into wolves they are amazingly diverse in powers and forms too.

For example, as illustrated by the image to the left there are the half man half wolf, wolfman type werewolves. In cinema and TV these range from everything from a person with a hairy face, to CGI'd montrosities to terrorise any town.

My personal favourite is modern special effects makeup with a little bit fo CGI thrown in to iron out the wrinkles.

Examples of these wolfmen are the Lycan's from Underworld series, the werewolves from Teen Wolf the TV show and the totally unrealted Teen Wolf movies, the werewolves from Van Helsing, to name but three.

Then there are werewolves that completely become wolves. They are able to shift completely from human to wolf and hence are indistinguishable from the real thing. Examples of these are Talia Hale in Teen Wolf, Red from One Upon a Time and the lycanthropes from the Anita Blake series of books.

Some have both forms and can choose which they wish to become.

There are those werewolves who are ruled by the moon, turning into a slathering monster only under the influence of our sattelite. Some only become more agitated under the sway of the moon. Some can change at will, others are cursed to change in other ways.

Likewise some retain their human minds when changed, others lose some humanity, but maintain a modicom of intelligence and then there are the ones who become nothing more than monsters.

Werewolves can pass on their curse by a bite, or in some cases a scratch. With others it requires deliberate intent or an alpha werewolf to create more of their kind. Some are even born as wolves. A few are cursed to become a wolf because of the timing or manner of their birth into this world.

Part of what makes werewolves so interesting it the wealth of folklore and legend there is to work from. Werewolves are almost as diverse as vampires.

Werewolves of the Day

Wanda & Wayne

So I had to think hard for my werewolves today and then it hit me, of course, it has to be the wolfman and his wife from Hotel Transylvania. I love these two and their tribe of children, they are brilliant.

Close friends of Dracula, Wayne and Wanda regularly visit Hotel Transylvania where they can enjoy themselves and forget that humans are out to kill them.

Wayne is voice by the incomparable Steve Buscemi and Molly Shannon is Wanda. Since they're wolves they have a litter of children who are in equal parts adorable and a nightmare.

If you haven't seen Hotel Transylvania I highly recommend it as a great family watch, and I love #2 as well.
  • Do you find werewolves that are wolfmen or full wolves a scarier idea?
  • If you were one of the monsters from Hotel Transylvania, which one would you be?

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

AtoZ2017 - V is for Vampire & Arthur & Samson Vines #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to Day 22 of the AtoZChallenge and the letter V. Every day in April (except Sundays) I will be making a post about shapeshifters of all kinds. Check back to see my choices and, from time to time some flash fiction too.

V is for 


Vampires are often shapeshifters and I love vampires, so of course V is for vampire. I couldn't pick just one and so V gives me an excuse to tell you about a few of my favourites.


In the Hammer series of Dracula films he often summons bats rather than becoming one, but in Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires, he shapeshifts into  Kah and takes his place as the high priest of the vampires.

In Bram Stoker's Dracula, directed by Francis Ford Coppola we see Dracula's true shape shifting abilities. No only can he turn into a multitude of rats, but also a wolf and he had demonic half human shapes as well. He also changes from an old man to a young man on his journey to England.

Jerry Dandridge (Fright Night)

Jer as Billy, his minion calls him, played by Chris Sarandon, is sexy, incredibly powerful and a skillful shapeshifter. Moving in next door to Charley Brewster he probably never imagined he would have trouble with a bunch of teenagers. When Charley see's Jerry kill one of his victims he calls in the cavalry, including Peter Vincent Vampire Killer, or rather TV host.

Jerry can shift parts of his body at will, just extending his fingers or growing fangs or turning into everything from a demoic creature to a monstrous bat.

Regine (Fright Night II)

Three years after his encounter with Jerry Dandrige, Charley has convinced himself it was all in his head and none of it happened. Unfortunately for him, Regine, sister to Jerry wants revenge. She starts to seduce and turn Charley so that so she can torture him forever.

One ability we see in her that we do not see in Jerry is the ability to become smoke, which she uses to enter Charley's dorm room after she has been invited in the first time. Regine also shows the ability to distort her face and other parts of her body at will as she prentends to be simply a performance artist. In the end we also see her true monstrous form, part woman, part bat.

Buffy Vampires

There are probably very few who have not seen a vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Mascaradings as humans they appear perfectly normal, but when they are hunting or hungry the demon inside rises to the surface twisting their hands and faces into more monstrous forms.

The Lost Boys

As with Buffy vamps, the Lost Boys spent most of their nights looking like perfectly ordinary human beings. However, when hunting their montrous sides are revealed, with more prominant brows, fangs, extended cheekbones and glowing eyes.

Most vampires can also grow fangs and cause their eyes to change colour at will. In some this is shown to be a physical thing, in others it is definitely a metaphysical shapeshifting ability.

I could rave about vamppires all day, but I will stop there :).

Werewolf of the Day

Arthur & Samson Vines (The Blood Maker and the Witch's Curse)

I have to admit that these two werewolves came from a quick search on the internet because I couldn't think of any beginning with V, but they sounded so interesting I had to put them in.

They are from the book The Blood Maker and the Witch's Curse by Jaromy Henry and they're not mentioned at all in the blurb on the book at Goodreads, but the description of them on Wikipedia makes me want to check them out.

Arthur is a descendent of the first werewolf, who became such by being cursed by the witch Griselda. He carried the Werewolf Crux, a powerful talisman that allows him to changed between human and wolf forms at will,

Samson is Arthur's son, born with the ability to change form at will. An ancient prophecy talks of someone called the Moon Taker and most think he is him. He dethroned his father as king of the tribe of werewolves and is seeing the cruxes, including the one his father has, for their power.

Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to find the book anywhere at the moment.

Thank you for letting me rave about one of my favourite subjects :)

  • Do you prefer your vampires to be consumate shapeshifters, or for them to remain very much human?
  • Have you heard of The Blood Maker... ? Have you read it?

 Wow, we're almost at the end now, only 4 days to go.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

How to Make the Fluffiest, Tastiest Omlette Ever! #TipsTuesdays

Today's AtoZChallenge post can be found here: U is for Ursula, Usurian & Uberwald.

So I have never really liked omlettes because I find them rubbery and don't really like the way they often taste. However, then I went on hols to Canada and was served omlettes I loved on more than one occasion, so I investigated. This is what I have found and this technique makes the fluffiest, tastiest omlettes, so I had to share. I've made this recipe for my sister, who has the same objections to omlettes as I do and she approved :). It's like a souffle without the flour!

This recipe is for a cheese omlette, but you could add anything else you liked as well. Just make sure your toppings are pre-cooked and just need heating through.

This is an awesome way to  have a really filling gluten free breakfast - no need for toast to fill a hole with this omlette. The recipe is also suitable for vegetarians as long as you use veggie friendly cheese.

 How to Make the Fluffiest, Tastiest Omlette Ever!

Makes 1 omlette, Time 10-15mins
(If you want to make enough for two really quickly without having to faff and wait while making a second omlette, double the number of eggs, up the time in the oven slightly, and then cut the resulting omlette in half).


  • 1 bowl
  • 1 omlette pan that can go in the oven (if you only have one with a handle that will melt, you can use the grill (broiler) and keep the handle sticking out)
  • 1 electric whisk (you could use a hand whisk, but it will take a lot of elbow grease)
  • 1 spatula


  • 2 eggs (because of the method two eggs makes a generous omlette)
  • a sprinkling of grated cheese (you can add as much or as little as you like, but it really doesn't need much - I used a mixture of cheedar for favour and mozzarella for stringy bits)
  • pinch of salt (I use smoked salt because I like the flavour)
  • pinch of white pepper (you could use black pepper if you like, but I'm not fond of the bits)
  • butter/oil for frying


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 200C/400F or turn on your grill (broiler) to high.
  2. Put the eggs in the bowl with the salt and pepper. DO NOT be tempted to add any of the toppings at this stage or anything that will impede whisking, however, if you want other spices like a bit of cayene or tumeric, now is the time to put them in.
  3. Whisk the eggs for 2 to 3 minutes with the electric whisk until they are a light yellow, very frothy and you can see trails in the mixture. Don't give up too soon - you want the eggs as light and fluffy as you can get them.
  4. Melt the butter in the pan (if you are feeling decedant) or heat the drizzle of oil (if you are feeling healthier).
  5. Add the frothy egg mixture and gently move it away from the sides of the pan with the spatula.
  6. Keep moving the egg gently, allowing the still molten froth to fill gaps that you leave until the omlette is about 50% cooked. It should still look like froth on the top.
  7. Sprinkle over the cheese (or any other toppings). Don't go too made or you will deflate the uncooked part of the omlette.
  8. Put in the oven for 3-4 mins. Check to see if it cooked after 3 and if not, pop it in for 1 more. Remember your pan handle will be HOT - so use an oven mitt or cloth - I forgot at least twice! If using a grill/broiler, pop the main part of the pan under and keep an eye on it to see when it's cooked through.
  9. Fold the omlette in half and serve. (It's really good with avocado).
This is the perfect way to do an omlette for someone who doesn't like any chance of runny egg in the middle, without turning the egg mixture into leather. It also works for those people who like their omlette slightly gooey, because just don't cook it quite so long in the oven and the residual foam in the middle goes lovely and moist.

This is the first technique I have ever used where I actually ended up with a neat, round omlette, as well as a delicious one. The whipping seems to lighten the taste somehow as well. Of course it does mean that my breakfast now takes me 3/4 of an hour - it takes me 30-40 mins to eat the omlette :). Yes I am a slow eater, but it sets me up all morning.

AtoZ2017 - U is for Ursula, Usurian & Uberwald #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to Day 21 of the AtoZChallenge and the letter U. Every day in April (except Sundays) I will be making a post about shapeshifters of all kinds. Check back to see my choices and, from time to time some flash fiction too.

U is for 


Ursula is a sea witch in Disney's The Little Mermaid and she is downright nasty. She wants to defeat Areile's father, King Triton, and take over Atlantica.

When Ariel comes to her for help to earn the love of Prince Eric, she takes the opportunity to try and sabotage Ariel's chances and hence, bring down the king. She grants Ariel's wish to live as a human for three days, but then changes herself into a beautiful young woman called Vanessa and hypnotises Eric.

Ariel must now not only contend with having no voice and being human, but with Ursula's magic as well.


We meet an Usurian in the Doctor Who episode The Sun Makers. Their natural form looks something like seaweed, although they are infact a fungus. With the use of partical radiation they can morph into the shape of a dwarvish humanoid.

They are thoroughly unpleasant in either form.

The Collector works for the Company which has subjugated the earth colony on pluto via economic subversion. As a species Usurians are obsessed with business and profit, caring for it above all else.

Werewolf of the Day

Delphine Angua von Uberwald (Disc World)

Angua is from the wonderful world of Terry Prachett's Discworld and is the first werewolf to be hired into the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. Angua uses her very sensitive nose to track any miscreant that causes problems in her city. For Angua her sense of smell is like coloured lights would be to a normal human.

She can also descern gender and strong emotions, which is very useful when she goes undercover in plainclothes at a crime scene.

When in wolf form she is often mistaken for a dog because most people don't know about werewolves.

Angua is from a nobel house, her father being a baron and her mother a lady. She had three siblings, two brothers and a sister, but her sister is dead, one of her brothers probably did it and the other is stuck in his wolf shape and ran away from home. Angua also ran away from home and eventually came to settle in Ankh-Morpork, taking up her job in the Night Watch.

  • Who is your favourite Disney villain?
  • Are you a Discworld fan? What is your favourite book?

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Monday, 24 April 2017

AtoZ2017 - T is for The Thing & Tony #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to Day 20 of the AtoZChallenge and the letter T. Every day in April (except Sundays) I will be making a post about shapeshifters of all kinds. Check back to see my choices and, from time to time some flash fiction too.

T is for 

The Thing

My shapeshifter today gave me the heebeejeebees for years. For T I have chosen The Thing. It is an alien which has been frozen in the permafrost of Antartica for an age, but which was discovered and dug up by a Norwegian research team.

It is a parasitic lifeform, absorbing other lifeforms and then using their characteristics to continue the hunt. It retains all their memories and abilites and if able to perfectly reproduce anyone or any lifeform it desires. All parts of it are as alive as the rest, just in a different form. The only thing is seems to fear is fire.

When we first meet it, it is in the form of a dog, which the Norwegians are trying to destroy. However, it then proves it is quite capable of becoming any human it chooses as well.

The part that really freaked me out was when it is discovered in the body of one man, so divides. His  head drops off, sprouts legs and runs away.

Werewolf of the Day

Tony (Waxwork)

My werewolf today is from one of my favourite 80s horror films, Waxwork. Played by Dana Ashbrook. Tony, is a smart mouthed, cigaret smoking player, who goes to school with the hero of the piece, Mark Loftmore.

China and Sarah meet a strange man when walking to school, who invited them to a private showing at his Waxworks. When their group have nothing to do that evening, they decide to attend the event.

The 18 waxworks are incredibly detailed and all horror based, and, unbeknowst to the group, they also eat people.

The creator of the waxworks is David Lincoln, a madman who has used items belonging to the 18 most evil beings to have ever existed to create them in wax, and parts of their environments to create the scenes around them. This makes each display a trap for the unwary who step into it. Once each trap has a victim all the waxworks will live again, along with their possessed victims, contaminating the world with evil.

Tony has the unfortunate luck to step into the werewolf display. He thinks he's tripping, so goes with the story, which is his mistake. He meets a man, just as the man begins to transform into the werewolf as the full moon rises. He is attacked and begins to turn himself, only to be shot by a werewolf hunter, thus killing him and completing the display.

No one has much luck in my choices today, do they? :)

  • What would you do if faced with a perfectly camoflagued alien, panic or reach for the flame thrower?
  • What would be your worst nightmare waxwork to end up in?

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

AtoZ2017 - S is for Shadow, She-Ra & George Sands #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to Day 18 of the AtoZChallenge and the letter S. Every day in April (except Sundays) I will be making a post about shapeshifters of all kinds. Check back to see my choices and, from time to time some flash fiction too.

S is for 


The Shadow is the alter ego of Lamont Cranston (Alec Baldwin), a playboy from New York. He doesn't shapeshift much, but when he is the Shadow his face changes to a much more sinister form. His eyes have also been know to change.

After the first world war Cranston reinvented himself as Yin-Ko, a warlord and opium dealer in the far east. However, he was kidnapped and then trained by the Tulku, a holy man with extraordinary powers, to harness his inner darkness and use it for good.

Back in New York he run a network of informants, people he has saved, as he takes on crime and the underworld. These criminals he defeats easily, but his true test comes when Shiwan Khan comes to New York, intent on taking over the world where his anscestor Genghis Khan failed. Khan was also a student of the Talku, but rejected the teachings and killed his master.


She-Ra, the Princess of Power is from the Masters of the Universe franchise. Adora, her alter ego, is the twin sister of Adam and she was kidnapped as a baby by Hordak.

She was brought up to become a force captain in the Horde on the world of Etheria, however, when her true origins are revealed and the spell on her is broken, she joins the Great Rebellion instead.

Given a sword of power by Prince Adam and told how to use it by the Sorceress, Adora becomes She-Ra and like her brother uses her powers to fight the forces of evil.

Of course She-Ra is an obvious attempt to sell toys to girls as well as boys, but I always liked her. She was as powerful and clever as He-Man and it was good to see a girl in charge.

Werewolf of the Day

George Sands (Being Human)

George (Russell Tovey) is a werewolf from the Being Human tv show. He's highly intelligent, but not as socially adept as some and is best friends with Mitchell, who happens to be a vampire.

He became a werewolf while on holiday in Scotland with his fiancee. He went for a walk with a tag along American tourist and they were attacked by a werewolf. The American was killed, but George was only injured, thus infecting him. When he realised what he was he left everything behind.

He works as a porter in St Jude's hospital, the only job he can hold down due to his monthly condition. He is in denial about his condition for a long time only eventually trying to take control of it after events get out of hand.

And there we have S, I hope you enjoyed my choices today.
  • Do you like your heroes/heroines on the darker side, like The Shadow, or fluffy like She-Ra?
  • If you suddenly found out you were a werewolf, would you leave your family behind to keep them safe or ask for their help?

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Friday, 21 April 2017

AtoZ2017 - R is for Rutan & Red Riding Hood #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to Day 18 of the AtoZChallenge and the letter R. Every day in April (except Sundays) I will be making a post about shapeshifters of all kinds. Check back to see my choices and, from time to time some flash fiction too.

R is for 


Rutan are a warlike alien from the Doctor Who universe. In their original form they look like green balls, similar to jelly fish, with long glowing tentecales. They are amphibious and able to live in and out of water.

They can also produce a deadly electric shock.

They have the ability to shapeshift into the shape of other lifeforms, however, they do not seem to gain any information from the form they assume. They also find the process taxing.

They are a hive lifeform and the needs of the individual are not important. They are also at war with the Sontarens.

Werewolf of the Day

Red Riding Hood/Ruby (Once Upon a Time)

Red Riding Hood is from the television series Once Upon a Time, and to begin with she doesn't know she's a werewolf.

In the Enchanted forest a wolf is killing sheep  and some of the townsfolk want to hunt it. Red wants to go with them, but Granny will not let her. The day after she finds the bodies of the men in the well.

Red wants to track the wolf, but in doing so finds that the footprints go from wolf to human, giving her the idea that they are not dealing with a real wolf at all. The tracks lead to her window and the only person she knows who was there was Peter, so she thinks Peter is the wolf.

Unfortunately Granny has been keeping secrets. There is a curse on her family, they are werewolves and it is only the red cloak that keeps Red from transforming.

I can't believe we're on R now. Time flies.

  • Do you remember the wonderful effects of the original doctor who? Lots of bubble wrap and cling film :)
  • If you knew your family was cursed, would you keep it a secret from your descendents?

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

AtoZ2017 - Q is for Evil Queen & Quentin Collins #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to Day 17 of the AtoZChallenge and the letter Q. Every day in April (except Sundays) I will be making a post about shapeshifters of all kinds. Check back to see my choices and, from time to time some flash fiction too.

Q is for 

Evil Queen

Everyone knows the story of Snow White and my shapeshifter today is her evil stepmother, the Queen from Disney's film adaptation. Obsessed with being the fairest in the land, the queen uses a magic mirror to make sure of her position. However, she watched her lovely growing more beautiful day by day, until eventually the mirror gives the verdict that Snow White is the fairest in the land.

The Queen cannot stand this and plots to have Snow White killed.

We see her shapeshifting abilities when she uses magic to turn herself into an old woman (in the Brother's Grimm version she just uses a disguise) to trick Snow White into eating the poisoned apple.

In this incarnation her end comes when she is chased by the seven dwarves and lightning destroys the pinacle on which she is standing, sending her crashing to her death. Perversely this is merciful compared to other versions where she is tricked into coming to Snow White's wedding and forced to dance in red-hot iron shoes until she dies.

Werewolf of the Day

Quentin Collins (Dark Shadows)

Quentin is the grandson of Edith and Gabriel Collins and so many things happened to him it's hard to keep up. One of these was Magda's curse.

Quentin was married to Jenny, who told him she was from New York, but she was in face a Romany. When Quentin was unfaithful and ran off with another woman, Jenny went mad and was locked in her room. When Quentin returned he was not told and believed she had simply left.

However, she escaped and managed to kill him, but he was restored to life. He then planned to kill her before she could get him again. However, Magda, Jenny's sister, threatened to curse him should any harm befall her sister, so peace reigned for while. However, Jenny escaped again and saw Quentin kissing another woman and tried to kill them both, so he strangled her.

Magda made good on her promise and curse him and the first born of every generation to be a werewolf. Quentin was uncontrollable in his werewolf form and killed many people. He tried a cure, but made everything worse and became even more dangerous. Eventually he had a magical portrait made that turned into the werewolf instead of him, and also aged instead of him, so he became functionally immortal.

Phew, Quentin was a busy boy wasn't he :).
  • Which fairy tale do you remember the most clearly from your childhood?
  • If as much happened to you as happened to Quentin, would you have given up and become a hermit?
See you tomorrow :)

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

AtoZ2017 - P is for James Potter & Paul #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to Day 16 of the AtoZChallenge and the letter P. Every day in April (except Sundays) I will be making a post about shapeshifters of all kinds. Check back to see my choices and, from time to time some flash fiction too.

P is for 

James Potter

We've had Harry Potter werewolves already, now we have an Animagus. James Potter, father to Harry and one of the Marauders.

His animal form is that of a stag, hence his nickname of Prongs. Along with Sirius Black and Peter Petigrew he learned to become an animagus so they could all keep their friend Remus Lupin company on the nights when he turned into his werewolf form.

James was something of an arogant whatsit when he was at school and what he and the other Marauders did to Severus Snape was unforgivable. However, he must have matured well because otherwise a sensible girl like Lily Evans would never had had anything to do with him.

He was betrayed by Peter Pettigrew and murdered by Voldemort along with Lily because of the prophecy about Voldemort and Harry.

Werewolf of the Day

I could not find a werewolf for P, so I have written some flashfic for you instead.

P is for Paul
part 2 of Curses
by Natasha Duncan-Drake
(each part can be read seperately, but if you read them in order they build on each other - there will be 4 parts [Nicky, Paul, Xerxes & Yani])

Paul Ulvis, werewolf, Alpha-elect, mate to Yani

Paul could not believe the situation he had managed to get himself into. He didn't remember much after the lorry had hit him, but some good Samaritan had clearly brought him to a veterinary surgery. The drugs had worn off during the night and he could easily have broken out of the cage, but the CCTV camera was pointing right at him.

He had no choice but to wait it out for a chance to escape.

He was listening to the clock tick when he smelled alpha bitch. Half of him wanted to turn over and show his belly and the rest wanted to puff up like a peacock. He only just managed to keep himself in check.

"I am so sorry," the woman who burst through the door said, "I had no idea."

That confused him, she had to be from a weak line not to have realised he was a werewolf like her.
"Oh my god, your leg!"

He had noticed that his back left leg was missing from the knee, but he wasn't worrying about that. He growled a little before she could become hysterical. It was frustrating not being able to talk.

"I've turned off the CCTV."

That was one thing at least. When she just stood there he tapped his foot on the cage floor. He had never thought his short stint in the Scouts would be useful for anything, but apparently Morse code was useful outside of the movies. He tapped out the universally recognised sign for "S.O.S".

"Oh, oh," the woman said, "Morse code. Um, I don't know Morse code ... but I bet there's an ap for that."
She pulled a smart phone from her back pocket and quickly began tapping at it. Paul waited.

"Okay, go," she said, holding the phone towards him.

"Can you take this muzzle off?" he tapped out and the ap dutifully translated.

It was irritating him.

"Oh god, of course, yes," the woman said, fumbling with the cage. "I cannot believe I amputated your leg. If I'd known I would have set it, but it was so damaged."

"It will grow back when I transform," he told her, since she seemed so worried about it.

"Really?" she asked as she pulled at the strap on the muzzle.

He reassessed her again. If she wasn't used to werewolf healing she had to be from a very, very weak line. Some werewolves were left with scars from wounds, but most could heal anything except life threatening injuries. His line was very strong, if he could just get back to human everything would be back to normal.

"What pack are you from?" he asked, tapping out each letter even as he yawned to loosen his jaw.

"Um," she said, "maybe yours?"

He didn't get it.

"You're packless?" he asked.

Werewolves did not do well without packs.

"I suppose so," she replied, "but I've only been a werewolf since yesterday, so I don't know how these things work."


"Yes, you bit me."

Paul sat down with a thump.

"I'm guessing that's not a good thing?" the woman said.

Paul couldn't form a coherent thought, let alone tap anything out in Morse code. Two facts were warring for dominance in his brain: first he had just broken so many rules he couldn't even think of them all; second he was only twenty two, he shouldn't have had the power to turn a human into a werewolf, let alone by accident.

"Are you okay?" he finally managed to communicate.

Werewolves always shifted for the first time when the moon rose after they had been bitten. It hadn't been a full moon, but that was just legend.

"I'm fine," she assured him.

"And everyone else?" he had to ask.

"My kids think it's amazing," was the surprising reply.

New werewolves were not usually the most stable of creatures. He gave up trying to rationalise what was going on.
"Can't you turn back?" the woman asked.


Even his Morse code sounded terse and annoyed.

"Oh," she said. "Is there anything I can do to help? I'm Nicky, by the way."

Many thanks for reading, I hope you are enjoying the fic.
  • If you were an animagus, what animal do you think you would be?
See you tomorrow for Q.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

AtoZ2017 - O is for Odo & Oz #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to Day 15 of the AtoZChallenge and the letter O. Every day in April (except Sundays) I will be making a post about shapeshifters of all kinds. Check back to see my choices and, from time to time some flash fiction too.

O is for 


Deep Space Nine was terribly exciting for the Star Trek franchise because it was the first time they stepped out of the mould. It was not set on a Federation Starship, but a Space Station and that wasn't even Federation built.

Odo (Rene Auberjonois) is one of the really intriguing characters because he isn't even technically humanoid. He is in fact a gelatenous creature that can take any form he choses. He is a Changeling.

He can maintain any form for sixteen hours, after which time he must return to his gelatenous form to regenerate. He is the Constable on DS9, responsible for the day to day security of the Promenade and Station.

Werewolf of the Day

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Daniel Osbourne, Oz to his friends is from the iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is played by Seth Green and did not start the series as a werewolf.

He is a bass player and musician at heart and that is his main focus in life. So much so that, despite being very bright, he had to repeat his senior year of high school and joined the Scooby Gang as a year mate (very useful to keep his character around :)).

Oz became a werewolf when he was infected by his pre-adolescent cousin Jordy during a tickle fight. He struggled with the condition greatly, losing to it on several occasions, but eventually making peace with it.

Oz was always one of my favourite characters in the early seasons. His laid back attitude and complete acceptance of everything supernatural was inspired.

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